MCGL Weekly Update – 08/31/2023 (Abbreviated Newsletter Volume 25 – Issue 12)



A League of integrity and Godly Men, friendly competition, a brotherhood of prayer warriors and a league devoted to missionary work for the salvation of all men into the family of God.


Men’s Christian Golf League – Weekly Updates 08/31/2023. (Make up round from 7/13).



2nd Make Up round from 7/13 : Summary for the night : Well, it was finally a dry day for a change and we were able to get the our second make-up round in. We had several great rounds in both flights last week. 


Dan Wicker continues to punish the course and comes in with the best round of the night in the ‘A’ Flight. Dan comes in with an even par over round of (35). Sub Grant Kropfeld(subbing for Trevor Vallus) a two over par round of (37) and Warren Hood  with back to back rounds of (40). Good round guys.


Dave Benson and Ernie Danos lead the ‘B’ Flight in with a round of (45). Jim Turner shoots a stroke higher with a (46). Good rounds guys !!


A-Flight Honorable Mention (2nd make up round):

Andre Viger (41). Ray Ressler (43). Nate Hood (44). Bill Marsack (44).

B-Flight Honorable Mention (2nd make up round):

Josh LeBlanc (47). Dennis Wnuk (48). Mike Kove (48). Steve Fleck (52). Jeff Schultz (52).


How the players in the ‘A’ Flight fared in our 2nd Make up Round:


A1-Dan Wicker (35) vs A5-Ray Ressler (43).


A1- John Grewe (48) vs A5-Walter Wnuk (49).


A2-Andre Viger (41) vs A8-Nate Hood (44).


A2-Trevor Vallus-Sub-Grant Kropfeld (37) vs A8-Dan D’Amato (48).


A3-Bill Marsack-(44) vs A7-Mike Rajnish (48)


A3-Kirk Cejmer (47) vs A7-Chad Woolman (45).


A4-Wayne Davidson (48) vs A6-Billy Alessandrini (46).


A4-Warren Hood (40) vs A6-Rick Berschbach (52).


How the players in the ‘B’ Flight fared in our 2nd Make up Round:


B1-Angel Woodruff (58) vs B5-Jim Turner (46).


B1-Mike Marihugh-Sub Kevin Fage (50) vs B5-Jim Vance (57).


B2-Josh LeBlanc (47) vs -B8-Jeff Schultz (58).


B2-Dave Benson (45) vs B8-Chad Nelson-Sub-Ben (51).


B3-Steve Fleck (52) vs B7-Dennis Wnuk (48).


B3-Ernie Danos (45) vs B7-Chris Offer (54).


B4-DMarc Blair (55) vs B6-Mike Kove (48).


B4-Doug Busam (53) vs B6-Rand Hewitt (55).


The course was a little stingy this week as there were only (3) Birdie posted by the players in our second make up round from 7/13!!


Hole #14: Dan Wicker


Hole #15: Andre Viger


Hole #16: Josh LeBlanc


Nice birdies by all !!!



Closest to the Pin: 2nd Make-up round:

Hole #12 –‘B’ Flight – Steve Fleck

Hole #16 –‘A Flight – Bill Marsack