MCGL Weekly Update – 09/07/2023 (Abbreviated Newsletter Volume 25 – Issue 13)



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Men’s Christian Golf League – Weekly Updates 09/07/2023. (Make up round from 7/20).



3rd Make Up round from 7/20 : Summary for the night : Well, it was  somewhat dry for a change and we were able to get the our third make-up round in. We had some very nice rounds posted in both flights last week. 


Dave Benson continues to play well and led the ‘B’ Flight players into the clubhouse with a nice round of (42). Dennis Wnuk posts his second best round of the season with a good round of (44). Good shooting guys !!


After a couple of weeks struggling, Mike Rajnish led the ‘A’ Flight in with the his best round of the season, posting a one over par (37). John Grewe a shot behind him with a 2 over par (38). Nice shooting guys.


B-Flight Honorable Mention (3rd make up round):

(Sub) John Pomeroy (43). (Sub) Kevin Fage (45). Doug Busam (47). Ernie Danos (48). Chad Nelson (50). Steve Fleck (51). Mike Kove (52).


A-Flight Honorable Mention (3rd make up round):

Dan Wicker (40).  Andre Viger (41). Warren Hood (41). Chad Woolman (43).  Nate Hood, Kirk Cejmer & Ray Ressler (45).



How the players in the ‘B’ Flight fared in our 3rd Make up Round:


B1-Angel Woodruff (59) vs B8-(Jeff Schultz) Sub-John Pomeroy (43).


B1-Mike Marihugh-Sub Kevin Fage (45) vs B8-Chad Nelson (50).


B2-Dave Benson (42) vs B7-Chris Offer (54).


B2-Josh LeBlanc (56) vs B7-Dennis Wnuk (44).


B3-Ernie Danos (48) vs B6-Rand Hewitt (58).


B3-Steve Fleck (51) vs B6-Mike Kove (52).


B4-Doug Busam (47) vs B5-Jim Vance-(HC-54).


B4-Marc Blair (56) vs B5-Jim Turner-(HC-46).



How the players in the ‘A’ Flight fared in our 3rd Make up Round:


A1-John Grewe (38) vs A8-Nate Hood (45).


A1- Dan Wicker (40) vs A8-Dan D’Amato (50).


A2-Trevor Vallus (46) vs A7-Mike Rajnish (37).


A2-Andre Viger (41) vs A7-Chad Woolman (43).


A3-Kirk Cejmer (45) vs A6-Rick Berschbach (49)


A3-Bill Marsack (46) vs A6-Billy Alessandrini (HC-45).


A4-Warren Hood (41) vs A5-Walter Wnuk (55).


A4-Wayne Davidson (49) vs A5-Ray Ressler (45).



The course was a stingy again this week as there were only (4) Birdie posted by the players in our third make up round from 7/20!!


Hole #3: Mike Rajnish


Hole #5: Dave Benson. Mike Rajnish.


Hole #7: Mike Rajnish


Nicely done Mike Rajnish, who posted three of the four birdies in last weeks round !!! Great shooting!!



Closest to the Pin: 3rd Make-up round:

Hole #4 –‘A’ Flight – Bill Marsack

Hole #12 –‘B’ Flight – Rand Hewitt   

This will be the final week to get Closest to the Pin for Holes #12 (B-Flight) & Hole #16 (A-Flight).