Monday Night Men's Golf League at Golden Hawk
Monday Night Men's Golf League at Golden Hawk

Week 14 – 2023

Golden Hawk Golf Club

Fluid Systems 2023

Weekly Update 08/07/2023 – Week #14


 Well, We dodged another bullet from Mother Nature in week 14. We had several great rounds, four of them under 40. Charlie Lehman led all players in with a par round of (36). His round featured two holes that  he posted bogeys on #4 and #6. He made up the two extra shots with birdies on #2 and #5. Other than that, it was just ho-hum pars on the rest of his round. Great shooting Charlie. Following the par round was Zach Plechaty with a one over par round of (37). Gary Kwapik posted a 2 over par (38) and Bashar Hasso finished with his best round of the season, a 3 over par (39). Good shooting by all. By the way guys, you did a great job with the scoring on Skins with Handicaps for the second week in a row. I am sure everyone will be happy that the next two weeks will be Skins without Handicaps!! Whoopeeeeeeee!!!

Just a friendly guys, that the money collected in the 50/50 fund goes to help reduce the cost of our outing at the end of the year to “benefit everyone in the league that is playing in the outing” so everyone’s donation helps the cause, and you also have a chance at taking home half the pot collected that week. 


Skins With Handicap for Week #14 – 08/07/2023 – Only two skin posted in week 14!!

Hole #5: Joe Prove ( Double Eagle).  Joe P had a natural birdie on the hole and got two strokes off!!  Nice shooting Joe. 

Hole #6: Bill Carver posted a natural birdie on the hole and got a stroke off to make it an (Eagle). Nice birdie Bill.

($36.00) Each


Closest to the Pin for Week #14 – 08/07/2023

Hole #4: Mike Donovan             ($24.00)

Hole #7: Ray Ressler                  ($24.00)



50/50 Winner Week #14 (08/07):

Dan McLatcher ($50.00)


Mystery Winner Week #14 (08/07) – (49 was the number drawn).

Dennis Brisson & Joe Crescenti

($12.00) Each

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