Monday Night Men's Golf League at Golden Hawk
Monday Night Men's Golf League at Golden Hawk

Week 17 – 2023

Golden Hawk Golf Club

Fluid Systems 2023

Weekly Update 08/28/2023 – Week #17


The top four players heading into the position round last week were, Jordan Murray, Dennis Brisson, Mike Donovan & Wes Howell. Things have changed a bit as Wes Howell got bumped into 5th place as Mike Oliver took (15) points and vaulted into the third position in the standings and Mike Donovan dropped into the fourth position. If anyone cannot make the final round, then we will move up the players next in succession to play in the final championship match. The first place leader (Jordan Murray) played second place (Dennis Brisson) and it was a match, as both players played well. Jordan posts a (37) and Dennis (40) as they split the total points at 10 each. So their position remained one and two as the same as last weeks standings. Third Place Mike Donovan was matched up against Wes Howell and neither player had very good rounds. Mike finished with a (49) and Wes finished with a (51). Wes took (11) points and Mike Donovan (9) points. Mike remained ahead of Wes by a point, but this gave Mike Oliver a chance to get into the top four as he only a few points away from jumping into the finals. He did that with another nice round, posting a (40) and taking 15 points in his match against Ray who struggled a bit and shot a (45). This pushed Mike up into 3rd place in the finals and dropped Wes out of the final match by 1 point behind Mike Donovan. This has been a great season and we were allowed a mini shotgun, that did help to alleviate a back up on the first tee box. Two players share top round honors last week. Jordan Murray and Gary Kwapik both come into the 19th hole with rounds of (37), two shots over par. Charlie Lehman two shots back with a (39). Our final week will have the top four point leaders playing a championship match with their handicaps. The rest of the league will be playing the Red Tee Scramble. Mark is forming the teams for the scramble. Good luck to the four finalist’s playing for the League Championship in our final week of league play on Monday, Sept 11th. 


(1ST) JORDAN MURRAY. (2ND) DENNIS BRISSON. (3RD) MIKE OLIVER. (4TH) MIKE DONOVAN. Good luck to you guys. Have a great round. 


Honorable Mention Rounds:

Dennis Brisson (40). Mike Oliver (40). Zach Plechaty (40). Ziggy Zuege (41). Johnny Garrity (41).


Just a friendly guys, that the money collected in the 50/50 fund goes to help reduce the cost of our outing at the end of the year to “benefit everyone in the league that is playing in the outing” so everyone’s donation helps the cause, and you also have a chance at taking home half the pot collected that week. 


Skins No Handicap for Week #17 – 08/28/2023  (3-Skins posted in week 17)

Hole #10: Jordan Murray       (Birdie). 

Hole #12: Gary Kwapik            (Birdie).

Hole #14: Charlie Lehman      (Birdie).

($26.00) Each


Closest to the Pin for Week #17 – 08/28/2023

Hole #12: Dan McLatcher    ($26.00)

Hole #16: Trevor Smith        ($26.00)


HOLE #4: Mike Donovan (38″)

HOLE #7: Dennis Brisson (17″)

HOLE #12: Zach Plechaty (60″)

HOLE #16: Mike Oliver (122-1/2″)


50/50 Winner Week #17 (08/28):

Joe Provo ($60.00)


Mystery Winner Week #17 (08/28) – (37 was drawn).

Jordan Murray / Gary Kwapik

($13.00) Each

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