Monday Night Men's Golf League at Golden Hawk
Monday Night Men's Golf League at Golden Hawk

Week 18 – 2023 Final Update for League and Outing at Solitude Links on 9-25

Golden Hawk Golf Club

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Weekly Update 09/11/2023 – Week #18




It turned out to be quite a final championship round for the top four players in the league. Mike Oliver played a steady round and took the league championship for the 2nd time in three years. Mike finished shooting a 41 taking 26.5 points. Jordan Murray finished second shooting a 39 taking 25 points. Dennis Brisson finished third shooting a 44 and 20.5 points. Jason Steel finished fourth shooting a 48, taking 18 points. Congrats to league champion Mike Oliver.

Money winner for the 2023 season was Jordan Murray who amassed $242.25.  

Meg Mallon trophy for the 2023 Season went to Carl Brent.


HOLE #4: Mike Donovan (38″)

HOLE #7: Dennis Brisson (17″)

HOLE #12: Zach Plechaty (60″)

HOLE #16: Mike Oliver (122-1/2″)


Note: Mike Donovan was in fourth place but had to drop out of the finals due to some unfortunate health issues with his wife. Wes Howell was in fifth place but was also unable to play in the finals as he would have been next in line. Jason Steel was in 6th place and was now the next in line so he played in the finals.

Final Week : Red Tee Scramble Teams and How they finished:

Team #1: Zach Plechaty, Ryan Stay, Brandon Gestner & Gary Haack (Finished first at 27 – 8 under par)

Team #4: Charlie Lehman, Carl Brent, Bashar Hasso & Nick Kinney (Finished second at 28 – 7 under par)

Team #3: Ziggy Zuege, Joe Crescenti, Johnny Garrity & Bill Carver & Mike Haas (Finished third at 29 – 6 under par)

Team #5: Gary Kwapik, Ray Ressler, Dan McLatcher, Trevor Smith & Frank Burcar (Finished fourth at 30 – 5 under par)

Team #2: Dave Maddox, Billy Mason, Mark Steiner & Matt Knutson (Finished fifth at 35 – even par)


Our year end outing was held at Solitude Links on the 25th of September. Here are the teams and how they finished:

Team #1: Zach Plechaty, Dennis Brisson, Ray Ressler & Gary Haack – Finished tied for 1st at 61 – 10 under par. ($27.00 each)

Team #3: Charlie Lehman, Ken Kawa, Mike J & Bill Carver – Finished tied for 1st at 61 – 10 under par. ($27.00 each)

Team #2: Jordan Murray, Mike Oliver, Mike Donovan & Mike Haas – Finished third at 62 – 9 under par. ($20.00 each)

Team #6: Gary Kwapik, Ziggy Zuege, Dan McLatcher & Frank Burcar – Finished fourth at 64 – 7 under par. ($15.00 each)

Team #4: Denny Benvenuti, Johnny Garrity, Mark Steiner & Steve M (Finished tied for 5th at 65 – 6 under par. ($7.50 each)

Team #5: Rob Knapp, Bashar Hasso, Billy Mason & Joe Crescenti (Finished tied for 5th  at 65 – 6 under par. ($7.50 each)

SKINS : $270.00 – (Three Skins)

Hole # 3 (Zach, Dennis, Ray & Gary H)  $22.00 each

Hole # 7 (Gary K, Ziggy, Dan & Frank) $22.00 each

Hole #17 (Jordan, Mike O, Mike D & Mike H) $22.00 each





Skins for Week #18 – 09/11/2023

No skins for the final week.

Closest to the Pin for Week #18 – 09/11/2023

No closes to the pin for the final week.




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